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The Sardinian Regional Government is promoting an ideas competition having the goal of initiating and promoting processes of revitalization of 8 coastal villages in harmony with the landscape context in which they are located. At the same time the competition would like to gather ideas and contributions to support more mature and qualified competence in revitalizing and regenerating the island’s coastal areas.

The competition is calling for ideas for 8 coastal villages which were founded for activities such as salt production, fishing, religious worship, military defense, agricultural reclamation, tourism and leisure and which expanded along the coast especially during the period following the 1950’s

The areas are the following:
1. Giorgino, Cagliari
2. Torre Salinas – Colostrai, Muravera
3. Santa Maria Navarrese, Baunei
4. Santa Lucia, Siniscola
5. Isola Rossa, Trinità d’Agultu
6. Argentiera, Sassari
7. Santa Caterina di Pittinuri – S’Archittu, Cuglieri
8. Marceddì, Terralba

Documents for registration
Competition brief [file.pdf]
Registration form [file.rtf]

Documents for final submssion
Request for partecipation [file.rtf]
Group leader declaration [file.rtf]
Group members declaration [file.rtf]
Consultant and collaborator declaration [file.rtf]
Certification [file.rtf]
Drawing label layout [file.pdf]
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