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Coastal villages
Coastal villages
The competition's main goal is to initiate and promote the process of revitalizing the coastal villages listed below, in coherence with their landscape contexts and to gather a set of ideas, contributions and criteria that can contribute to a more mature and qualified planning ability relating to the rehabilitation and preservation of existing contexts in the island’s coastal areas.

A coastal village is intended here as a settlement created in response to needs other than residential tourist uses and characterised by a specific identity relating to its original use.

Eight coastal settlements, developed on the Sardinian coast after the 1950s and generated by human activities such as salt mining, mining, fishing, religious cult, military presence, land reclamation and leisure, are the object of the proposals.

The areas are the following:
1. Giorgino, Cagliari
2. Torre Salinas – Colostrai, Muravera
3. Santa Maria Navarrese, Baunei
4. Santa Lucia, Siniscola
5. Isola Rossa, Trinità d’Agultu
6. Argentiera, Sassari
7. Santa Caterina di Pittinuri – S’Archittu, Cuglieri
8. Marceddì, Terralba

The technical commission for the Costeras Competition has concluded the activity as per Article 20 of the competition brief. 106 proposal were received of which 9 arrived late and 3 did not carry the name of the coastal village on the outside of the package.
For each coastal village the following proposals were received: Marceddì - 28; Argentiera - 17; Torre Salinas - 13; Isola Rossa - 12; Giorgino - 11; Santa Caterina di Pittinnuri - 11; Santa Lucia - 6; Santa Maria Navarrese - 5.

Regional Landscape Plan

Excerpts from the general report on the regional landscape plan [file.pdf]
Isola rossa Argentiera Santa Lucia Santa Caterina di Pittinuri Santa Maria Navarrese Marceddi' Torre Salinas Giorgino
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