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Joint Managing Authority
Regione Autonoma della Sardegna
viale Trento, 69
09123 Cagliari - Italy
tel: +39 070 6062482
fax: +39 070 6062458
For general inquiries:
Indirizzo emailenpi.med@regione.sardegna.it
For questions on the call for proposals:
Indirizzo emailenpi.projects@regione.sardegna.it

As per PRAG, in the interest of equal treatment of Applicants, the Joint Managing Authority cannot give a prior opinion on the eligibility of an Applicant, a partner, a project or specific activities.

Questions that may be relevant to other Applicants are published in the "Questions and answers section of the Programme website ENPI CBCMED. It is therefore highly recommended to regularly consult it.

Inquiries may be submitted in English or French to the following email: Indirizzo emailenpi.projects@regione.sardegna.it
Answers will be given within ten days.

The Joint Managing Authority cannot in any case organise individual consultations with Applicants following the principle of equal treatment. Any public event will be announced on the Programme website.
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