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The miners’ village of Argentiera
This late-19th century miners’ village, built around a small cove provided with berthing is an exceptional example of industrial archaeology. The village is currently being reclaimed by the local authority and a complex project is under way for the creation of a “Mine Museum:” it aims to exploit the potential of this site through creation of a series of functions such as museum and exhibition activities and ancillary services enhancing its attractiveness as an historic and cultural heritage site.

The aim of this project would seem to be not so much re-use and adaptation of existing buildings, but restoration and enhancement, turning the mining complex into “its own museum”. Possible themes for reflection include overall regeneration, taking into account issues of accessibility and parking, and the relationship with the residential and landscape context as well as the vaster area marked by other mining heritage sites and minor historical settlements.

Some themes are linked to strengthening the site’s attractiveness, and may include proposals for light infrastructure linked to services for site visitors, beach resources and nature tourism, so as to add to its character as a cultural pole the function of hub of a network of local services supporting nature itineraries. This complementary approach would see residential and tourist/accommodation services located outside the village, in nearby hamlets and buildings.

Proposals should refer to the goals, guidelines and criteria of the RLP. The present suggestions provided are in no way binding to competitors who are free to supplement and integrate them with other considerations deriving from the study of the village and its relations with the surrounding context.

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