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The little Isola Rossa
Isola rossa
Isola Rossa, which was came into existence as a fishermen’s port and village sheltered by the rocky headland, has gradually turned into a summer tourist resort. In addition to the overall renovation of the built stock and public spaces, the village needs greater integration with the surrounding territory, better access and stopover facilities and higher quality services, in view of the criticalities tied to seasonal tourist flows.

Possible themes for consideration include the upgrading of all public spaces, also by exploiting residual free spaces, the renovation of waterfront, definition of a comprehensive street furniture project. Other themes are those concerning accessibility and stopover, and involve a new layout for the access point to the village from Corso Trinità, the creation of parking areas close to the beach, near the Aragonese Tower and behind the Red Rock, the aim being to encourage pedestrian use of the village.

The village’s relationship with the surrounding environmental system can be explored by developing new proposals for access to and enjoyment of the beaches and cliffs, including proposals for light infrastructure, in particular as regards refurbishment of the waterfront, of the “Marinedda” beach and the pedestrian paths linking it to the village. Besides the criticalities concerning the whole village, and its environmental system, more specific points have been identified: the project for a square with underground car park, perhaps multi-storey, in the vacant area at the beginning of the Dettori waterfront promenade, which handles most of the traffic from Corso Trinità; the regeneration and expansion of Piazza Belvedere, by demolishing private buildings standing on public land; strengthening of the physical and sensory links between the village and the Aragonese Tower and creation of green areas and equipped playgrounds for kids and young people.

Proposals should refer to the goals, guidelines and criteria of the RLP. The present suggestions provided are in no way binding to competitors who are free to supplement and integrate them with other considerations deriving from the study of the village and its relations with the surrounding context.

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Isola rossa
Isola rossa
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