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Santa Caterina and S'archittu
The villages of Santa Caterina di Pitinurri and S’Archittu, which developed along the coastal road 292, on two nearby bays, are marked by widespread urban and architectural problems due to unregulated development, starting from 1978, due to the absence of official zoning tools.

Proposals should fall within a scheme for overall regeneration of the existing contexts which will need to take into account the architectural and construction characteristics of the various historic periods, and the relationship between the two villages and between the villages and their landscape context. Possible themes for consideration, besides general plans for street furniture, include the planning of widespread systems of public spaces and tourism services – to be seen as integrated structures giving unitary meaning to all the public areas (both existing and potential) including the urban voids present within the built area and those obtainable through the ‘thinning out’ of spontaneous constructions – including a new approach to accessibility, parking lots and areas reserved for pedestrian use.

Other themes could address the upgrading of the shores and rocky beaches through the creation of services and equipment, also of a temporary nature, for beachgoers, thus improving enjoyment of the marine resources. Some points to focus on could be the former ESIT hotel, together with open spaces, including public and state property and unbuilt areas between the hotel and the church, as well as road 292 and its relationship with the settlements.

Proposals should refer to the goals, guidelines and criteria of the RLP. The present suggestions provided are in no way binding to competitors who are free to supplement and integrate them with other considerations deriving from the study of the village and its relations with the surrounding context.

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Santa Caterina di Pittinuri
Santa Caterina di Pittinuri
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