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The cove of Santa Lucia
Santa Lucia
The cove of Santa Lucia close to the medieval church and the tower, currently known as “Boat beach”, has been a landing post for boats since very ancient times. The village, which originated as a summer holiday resort in the late 19th century, lies on the southern tip of La Caletta Gulf. Unlike the other seaside district of Siniscola, Santa Lucia has largely maintained its original configuration to this day. For this reason too, the high influx of summer tourists and the inadequacy of infrastructure and services create problems as regards usability of the village and its surrounds.

Possible themes for reflection include the overall upgrading of the village through a planned set of projects concerning access, parking, and miscellaneous services, including waterfront redesign, improvement of the squares and green areas, paying special attention to the areas bordering the district (pinewood and sea), to enhance and protect its landscape values. Other themes concern a proposal, for regeneration for residential and tourist accommodation purposes, of the scattered houses in the farmland and of those situated in tourist zones. Other more specific themes, such as the entrance to the village, upgrading of the access road and the square and the Aragonese tower areas may constitute targeted developments of the broader themes.
A further area of study could focus on strengthening the attractiveness of the area, proposing services not only for enjoyment of seaside resources but also for excursion-based tourism so as to constitute the node of a network of local services supporting use of nature itineraries, and promoting forms of tourism less linked to the summer season.

Proposals should refer to the goals, guidelines and criteria of the RLP. The present suggestions provided are in no way binding to competitors who are free to supplement and integrate them with other considerations deriving from the study of the village and its relations with the surrounding context.

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Santa Lucia
Santa Lucia
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