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The ancient salt works of Torre Salinas
Torre Salinas
Ancient salt works gave the name to the tower erected on a small promontory and to the heterogeneous coastal village in which a camp site and resort are the only tourist facilities.

Possible ideas could relate to: systems for pedestrian and vehicular access, parking and services for beach areas – perhaps with “light “ and reversible infrastructure solutions; a new concept of camping which may no longer be considered low-cost tourism but could become an exceptional and exclusive condition for engaging in environmental tourism in contact with natural wetland systems; the renovation of existing structures for tourist uses.
Attention could be directed towards the reuse of the seaside “Curia” colony and underutilized or deteriorated structures as well as towards the agrarian landscape with the goal of creating a system of diffuse hospitality within, and with respect for, the land reclamation pattern and its environmental dimension. Yet another theme regarding tourism and hospitality concerns the recovery and development of the salt production industry which could be revalued as a niche product.

Proposals should refer to the goals, guidelines and criteria of the RLP. The present suggestions provided are in no way binding to competitors who are free to broaden and integrate them with other considerations deriving from the study of the village and its relations with the surrounding context.

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Torre Salinas
Torre Salinas
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