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At the north of the south of the world
The project for the museum at Cagliari dedicated to Nuragic and contemporary art aims to make known and underline the value of an ancient civilisation that is as fascinating as it is little known.The richness of the remains from the Nuragic age, their variety of form - that ranges from small bronzes to large stone statues uncovered at Monti Prama, near Oristano - the force and originality of artistic expression that characterises them, compared by some to the finest from the twentieth century avant-garde, are yet to be fully understood and appreciated.The new museum will be able to create the conditions for this to occur: restoring the testimonies and Nuragic works to the horizon of the aesthetic experience, to bring them to a wider public, and to the Sardinians themselves, contributing to reinforcing a sense of belonging and awareness of the values of their history and culture; integrating them with contemporary artistic research, revealing their relevance to the present time. It is not only their aesthetic value, a fundamental aspect of the Nuragic civilisation is represented by the openness and dynamism that lead them to project themselves outwards, to develop intense economic and cultural contacts with other populations in the Mediterranean. The Sardinians have inherited this open attitude and it is closely linked to their identity, an identity conceived as a strength that derives from one's own tradition whilst being open to change and confrontation. The new museum is conceived therefore in the name of openness and exchange. From its position on an island that is at the north of the south of the world, a long way from the great centres for art and the marketplace, it will work towards becoming a point of reference for artistic research carried out today in the Mediterranean and north African area. In a rapidly changing geopolitical framework, through increasingly acute fractures, imbalances and tensions, the Mediterranean has for some time ceased to be a melting pot for cultures, a point of fertile exchange between populations and ethnic groups. To transform the hot frontier into a space for circulation and communication there is a need for meeting places and moments of dialogue for which art and culture offer the chance.We would like this museum to contribute to making Sardinia one of those places.

Renato Soru
President of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia
in collaboration with Politecnico Milano and Domus
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