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Registration for passengers arriving in Sardinia

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- Registration form

All passengers, adults and minors, arriving in Sardinia on airlines or maritime lines are required to register before boarding through the online form (order of the President of the Region n. 27 of 2 June 2020).

You will receive an email with a confirmation ID and with a link that refers to the card of possible past infection or contact with Covid-19. Filling this form is mandatory and must be made within 48 hours before your departure. At the end you will receive an email from Beni Benius in Sardinia with an attached QR code to show to the boarding staff.

You can also use the Sardinia Safe App available in the stores for iOS and Android systems to register
It is possible to authorize tracing and participate in the regional epidemiological investigation. All travelers must undergo body temperature measurements which, for boarding purposes, cannot be equal to or higher than 37.5 °.

If you need more information send an email to or use the free phone number: 800 894 530.

International connections with non-EU countries outside the Schengen area (Australia, Canada, South Korea, China, Japan, Georgia, Morocco, Algeria, Serbia, Tunisia, Montenegro, Uruguay, Thailand, New Zealand, Rwanda) hare reopened from 1 July, with a mandatory 14-days self-quarantine for those arriving from these destinations. At the moment the United States, Brazil and Russia are excluded, until new European and ministerial provisions, based on the trend of the epidemiological curve.